Compilation of Sonic characters


Infinite Stamina/Infinite Food Trick

This trick requires some timing but you don't have to be an expert. What you do is first, buy a mushroom. Now, wait for a chao to be starving to a point as to where they themselves will get their own food. Wait for that moment and when you see the chao whos stamina you want to be increased going to pick up some food, get to the food before them and throw it out of their path along with other food around it. Now get the mushroom and place it fairly close to the chao and wait for them to start to pick up the mushroom and right when they are going to sit down and start eating it, at mid-point when they are just about done sitting themselves down, take the mushroom away from them, and DO NOT put down the mushroom! Watch as the chao starts eating the air in front of it. This is a glitch! The chao is now eating air instead of the mushroom and will continue to do so for as long as the mushroom stays in your hand. You can let the chao eat air until the stamina is maxed out or just eventually get bored and put down the mushroom and the chao will start eating the REAL mushroom instead of air. This trick is said to not work on certain games and is said that the chao will, on these certain games, the chao will eventually throw away the air.

Animal Trick

Now I know many people know how to do this but I will explain it anyway. This trick will also work with a Chaos Drive but is slightly harder. Anyway, what you do is get a chaos drive or animal that you would like your chao to have a lot of for their stats. Now it is recommended that you place the chao near a fallen pillar in hero garden or near a tombstone in dark garden so the chao doesn't move and screw you up but you don't have to. (I have also found an easier way of not getting them to move, wake them up when they're sleeping! They won't move because they are tired!) Now what you do is you stand a certain distance away from the chao and have your character holding the drive or animal face the chao. Now move your character a few steps so as you aren't giving the chao a drive or animal but placing it RIGHT in front of them. Now put down the drive or animal and they will take it and gain the stats. If you did this correctly, you will be able to re-use the animal or drive! This takes some practice for some people but should be fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

Pet Trick

This trick is near useless but I will put it here anyway. This trick is used to pet multiple chao at once. To do this trick simply gather 2 or more chao in one area and make them very close to each other. now pet in the middlish area and then all the chao should have hearts on their heads as if you are petting all of them. And thats basically it.