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Welcome to Chao Fever!

Chao Fever is your home for how to raise your chao. Some of you may ask "What are chao?"

Chao are small life forms found in the Sonic Adventure games. This site will help you with chao raising in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Sa2b), which has the most extensive and best chao gardens out of all the games.

Chao are not avaiable from the very start of the game. To unlock the chao garden, you must enter a level with the character that you want to play chao with. When you go through the level, you will find a sky blue box with the picture of a chao on the side on it. Break open the box and grab the key inside, and you can enter chao world. To do so, you must beat the level. You will then be warped into chao world, and will find two chao eggs waiting for you!

Once you have done that, chao will be available in the stage select only to the characters you have aquired the chao key with, so be sure to get them all!

To get them all, you must evolve them. I have a page up that is all about evolving them. It is under the "Chao Tips and Tricks" tab on the left hand side of the page. If you are interested, check it out.